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"Kiev furniture The International forum and exhibition of KIFF MTKT Innovation"

This year's "Kiev furniture The International forum and exhibition of KIFF MTKT Innovation" had added optimism to manufacturers of furniture.

Exhibition of Furniture Technology 2016
Having visited this year's exhibition of "Furniture technologies, components and textiles" (МТКТ-2016) our team gained a lot ofadditional optimism. Compared to several previous years, this event qualitatively has become on few levels higher. Obviously, after years of economic crisis and complex political situationfurniture industry finally began to revive Ukraine!

Now, briefly about some of our personal observations:
- Foremost and impossible to ignore was, of course, the presentation of the Blum company. Separately we want to note some recent developments of the company:

TIP-ON BLUMOTION - is completely mechanical kind of opening support system, which combines some characteristics of the SERVO-DRIVE. In particular, opening with a touch, silent and effortless closing with dampening, usage for handle-less furniturefronts, usage in LEGRABOX, TANDEMBOX and MOVENTO. In fact, you can get almost the same benefits as in the SERVO-DRIVE, but much cheaper.

We were fascinated by the Blum solution for built-in appliances. Specifically by the system that pushes the door of the dishwasher or built-in refrigerator only by touch.

Of course, it was very nice to talk to representatives of the company and together enjoy delicious coffee and brand candies J

- Regarding design: minimalism gains popularityexponentially. Remarkably, if earlier it was inherent only in the models of modern style, now it influences also classical models. The absence of handles, minimum of decoration, simplicity of forms - the main features that characterize this year's furniture fashion.

But the colors become more intense. Moreover, such notions as "simply green," "simply blue", "simply red" sunk into oblivion. Now his majesty "shade" runs the show! So, from now on the color is - turquoise, fuchsia, magenta, coral, etc., and it should be combined with white, rich purple or the color of wood.

We liked the exhibition very much, especially the atmosphere of beauty and design, new meetings and professional contacts and, of course, beautiful women, coffee and sweets J

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