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The Journey to the Blum Production

The Journey to the Blum Production

Complete robotization ! All stages of production are mechanized,the human factor is almost absent.

      In April this year, we were lucky to look in the Blummanufacture. Production facilities are located in a picturesque corner of Austria in Dornbirn.


This city seems to be totally saturated with Blum, besides many factories, a lot of cars with brand emblems go here and there and huge Blum trucks sluggishly move around.


One of the factories is located right under the slopes of the mountains, others - nearby.


The first impression is hard to be described - delight with the technical level of equipment, and sometimes "white envy" because of the practical level of production. It seems that everything is thought out!!! Starting with the metal hardening process and ending with the own school for future employees. Unfortunately, it is forbidden to take pictures at the production, because it is impossible to describe everything only with words!

Yet I will try...

Complete robotization! All stages of production are mechanized,the human factor is almost absent.

In the Blum factories people work in the departments of innovation, patenting, marketing, staff training and some other, where robots do not fit... at least yet)))


In particular, I would like to note a huge warehouse in one of the plants. Dimensions... to let you compare to something – imagine a building hypermarket (but three times higher), fully packed with ready products. Lots of elevators are constantly working amongthe rows, they are programmed to search necessary items by reading bar code, and they themselves know which box to take and where to put, and what to send to the production or the shipment... and this process continues without a break...


Also, for some reason the production line of door hinges Clip Top Blumotion imprinted in our memory. At the beginning of which is a roll of metal, and at the end – ready hinges are nicely packed. Each hinge consists of 58 parts, it is hard to imagine how much more components are present in more complex Blummechanisms!!!


The most secret place on the production is a testing department. This is a huge dark room where many drawers and doors are cyclically shut and opened by robots. We were secretly told that not only Blum products are tested here, but also the products of business rivals... but please, don’t tell anybody...)))


Overall impression of the trip - the shock of what we saw: a high level of production, beauty of the Austrian mountains and hospitality of the Blum representatives.


Especially we want to thank our Ukrainian "Blum-people"))) for this unique opportunity to see where the Blum products originate from...

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