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International Furniture Exhibition "Salone del Mobile. Milano - 2016" (Continuation ...)

International Furniture Exhibition

A lot of time has passed since the International Furniture Exhibition in Milan, but an outburst of style and charm has left the pleasant aftertaste.

So we just want to share few more photos, because words alone are not enough)))

The basic principle of this year's style in furniture - a combination of all that was deemed incompatible, in particular, gross, natural wood with cold transparent glass. And classic wood with modern shapes.

Again, wood in a natural color and brave orange.

And this is my favorite: wood and … attention - metal!!! It is incredible!!! No words!!! Bravo to designers!!!

Next kitchen arouses only one question - "What are the fronts made of?"

Here it is a modern kitchen in a classic style! By the way, pompous style sunk into oblivion. We can say that the classic style has successfully transformed into "Art Deco" style.

Without comment here... Feelings are ambiguous...

Cabinet with an unusual doors arrangement. Every next door is placed at an angle to the previous ones. It looks interesting, but is it convenient – who knows?

This kitchen and interior is probably for students. On the one hand, it is a little too simple, but on the other… there is something in it...

 Here are the developments of the "golden youth"... The students of Italian universities offered their view on the furniture for the modern man...

Note that all the necessary outputs for headphones, speakers, chargers are already embedded in the furniture. The speakers are also embedded in the very structure. This is our future...

This wall unit is for the living room or for the children's room... it resembles our wall unit "Lego" much. Compare yourself)))

We forced ourselves to fall in love with classical style ... It did not work ((

However, other interiors delight, give inspiration and confidence that we are moving in the right direction - to the modern furniture trends, refined functionality, new forms and design!!!

The END ... To be continued)))

You can get acquainted with more photos, catalogs and technical nuances in our office...

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