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measurements room

Thanks to many years of working experience in the furniture industry, we convinced that it is essential that the designer personally visits the facility before creating the project. It is necessary that he could see the room, take into account the peculiarities of interior accommodation and learn a little bit about your tastes and preferences :)
In addition, there are many technical aspects that can significantly affect the outcome, namely the general layout of the apartment or house, service lines placing, stage of construction. And, if you do furniture design at an earlier stage of facilities repair, the result would be better, as it will enable providing all the details. Sometimes it is very sad when you have to design furniture making start from already laid wiring or communication that sometimes maims design and comfort of furniture.


Room design is very laborious process that brings a lot of pleasure for women and a lot of headaches for men ... Designers’ help will be salvation in such situation!!! They, being specialists in their field, will turn this process into exciting creative event, which will be interesting to join both for women and men :)
In the company Estet work extremely professional designers with the proper education and significant experience.
Usually the process of implementation of the design-project is as follows:
• after accurate measurements, the designer creates a sketch of the project;
• he invites you to the discussion and approval of the design;
• you select materials, components and colors;
• an estimate of the project is calculated (if necessary it can be adjusted according to selected items);
• advance payment is made;
• an order goes into production;
• during the time of furniture making the designer helps and advises you on all matters related to the production process.

Cutting and edge banding

Cutting and edge banding is probably the most enigmatic phase at any furniture manufacturing because consumers generally cannot assess immediately the condition of equipment on which the plate is cut, the sharpness and quality of the saw, the skill level of the worker directly involved in the process, the quality of materials (particle board, edge, edge banding glue) ... but the problem is that the result of this phase becomes apparent much later. Therefore, the appearance, functionality and life time of the furniture in the future depends on the producer’s decency at the stage of manufacturing.
We never save on quality! We use only high-quality modern equipment, quality-tested materials and engage only skilled workers, which guarantees high level of the final result.

Assembling of furniture

Ready furniture is previously assembled in the company’s shop. Next, the assembled furniture is partially disassembled for easy transportation, and after delivery to the customer needs only installation. Consequently, assembly in shop significantly reduces time of furniture installation in the apartment of the customer.
Only professional assemblers with considerable experience work at company Estet.


The delivery is fully on our shoulders. Delivery around Rivne is free. The price of delivery outside the city depends on the distance.Shipping - is completely our trouble. Bring, carry, set. Delivery in exactly free, outside the city - depending on the distance.


The installation is perhaps the most delicate phase of the whole process of furniture making. This stage requires outstanding professional skills and human qualities of the workers who are directly involved in it. We want everything to happen quickly, professionally, accurately.


The payment is made in the national currency, in two parts. Advance is paid upon approval of the project, and the final payment - immediately after installation. The price, announced at the office at advance payment - is ultimate!!!
You do not need to pay for delivery, for lifting to the floor, for consumables at the installation etc..


We are determined not to repair furniture made by other manufacturers!!! Since the production of our furniture is technically correct, its repair - is rather an exception, which is associated more with peculiarities of usage of the concrete furniture.
But if you (our customers) have such a need, for example, you move, a new counter is installed, furniture is spoiled by flooding, or something else - we are happy to help you resolve these issues.