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The activity of our company started in times of acute shortages of goods in Ukraine (1999). At a time when domestic furniture manufacturers actually did not work, and the number of imported foreign furniture was limited. A certain kind of vacuum was formed on the field of furniture industry that led to incredible demand. In those conditions we used all possible means to create, for that time, "masterpieces of furniture industry" :)


Over time, it became clear that demand far exceeded our practical capacity, which made us think about further development, improvement of technical base and professional skills of employees, creation of more comfortable environment for customers.


Time passed, everyone worked hard, but we could not cover the flow of customers completely at that time. Sometimes our clients had to wait for more than a month only for a project!!! It was awful!!!
At that time we made a fateful decision: we completely refused from materials and accessories of poor quality!

What did it give:
• the quality of the finished product improved significantly;
• an opportunity to provide a guarantee for our furniture appeared;
• an influx of customers was filtered by itself, and that helped us to free up more time for detailed discussion and more careful preparation of projects.
We began to call our customers "esthetes" because those people were focused on the ultimate result. They knew what they wanted and did not let us relax :)


In late 2008, was born the name "Estet". The name led to a further improvement of the service: the new (at the time) site, the new office, complete upgrade of production equipment, a significant increase in skills development.


In times of economic crisis, despite the general panic, we continue to keep the quality at the "pre-crisis" level. In addition, during production we stake on materials and components made in Europe. In particular, the widespread use of Austrian fittings «Blum», and close cooperation with this company allows us to create virtually ideal product because hardware warranty on «Blum» is 15 years!!!