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Why Us But Not "Garage Amateur"? (Part 3)

Why Us But Not

Living in Rivne significantly differs from life in megalopolises and large cities.

         We all live in a small city. Life in Rivne significantly differs from life in large cities and megalopolises. We all know each other here. Traffic jams are irrelevant here and many things are solved instantly. In fact, we have a lot of free time ... to talk, to drink coffee, to seek friends’ advice concerning furniture, to visit various manufacturers ... that’s why one of the attributes of our city is called "garage amateurs". There are a lot of them ... they are everywhere ... forums, internet resources, newspapers are "swarming" with ads "making furniture to order", "customized furniture" ... So, what kind of "beast" a "garage amateur" is and to what must you be prepared before ordering furniture from Rivne master.
          1. The main advantage of "garage amateur" is a relatively inexpensive work price. Since he usually works alone (sometimes only with one or two assistants), so the cost of job can be relatively inexpensive, depending on the "appetite". Yet what about the price for the materials? The "garage amateur" does not have his own equipment, so such services as plate delivery, plate cutting, edge banding, semicircles and radii buffing, and furniture delivery will be included into the price list at commercial cost of the services. While in the firm with its own equipment you get a set of services but pay only for consumables. In addition to that, the company has a possibility to buy materials at wholesale prices... So you have greater service and do not actually pay more... Another aspect of this topic... "Garage amateur" can complete one, maximum two orders during a month... He needs time to take a measurement, to draw, to conform, to order materials and to wait till they come, to bring the plate to us for "cutting", to take it back, to assemble, to deliver it to you and to set it... All this time... he lives at your expense, that means his earnings per month must be high enough to make the work profitable for him. While we have a clear division of responsibilities and most processes occur simultaneously, so we have significantly bigger number of orders. Therefore, the financial burden on each individual customer is lower.
         2. You may have a good relationship with a "garage amateur", and it might be nice to work with him (because he’s a cool guy).

      Yet the relations today may be fine, and tomorrow things can go "topsy-turvy", but you order furniture for years. Especially at the individual order, the human factor is very important and in case of any problems, you’ll have to deal with this "cool guy" directly ... and if he "balks"? You won’t be able to "complain to the manager" or ask for "the head’s phone number", there won’t be even any opportunity to kick open the office door. You’ll just have to wait and accept his terms (because you had already given a prepayment and he "ate it away"). All agreements on deadlines, materials, technology and furniture manufacturing were only oral. If you did not understand something – then it’s your problem.
And what a big number of overt frauds! So many people cannot find those "furniture makers" who took an advance, but do not answer the phone now. Or people come asking to finish the unfinished products (closets without doors, kitchens), we usually refuse to do that.
          On the basis of said before, each customer can choose himself what he is more important for him: the price and the relationships or the quality, service and security guarantees. Over the years of our professional work, we have gained the experience of order management and disputes solving. It is necessary to emphasize: making furniture to order is a very laborious and responsible process. At each step, there is the human factor, and skilled workers are a basic requirement of qualitative and timely orders execution.

        We always strive to satisfy customers, even if it is not very economically advantageous for us. However, we are fully responsible for our products, we provide all the necessary documentation and drawings.

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