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Where design and functionality of the furniture merged

Where design and functionality of the furniture merged

In September of this year, we, along with the team of our designers visited the head office of the company «Blum» in Lviv.

       In everything, that exists, it is very important to start. When you create a kitchen, the most important stage is the design stage. At the design stage the basis of functionality, quality and beauty of the furniture is created, so furniture designer needs to understand all the details to be technically literate and know the basic characteristics of furniture fittings.
In September of this year, we, along with the team of interior designers visited the head office of the company «Blum» in Lviv.

    The representative of the company, as always, strikes with the highest level of cooperation at all stages, particularly, this time, it is necessary to note the special hospitality and richness of presentation content.
Now, first of all:
We have to admit honestly, that we love coffee, but Blum’s coffee with brand sweets we love in a special way. So, it was very nice to start the presentation with that. Right after entering the «Blum» central office, you feel that you were waited for, when you see beautifully arranged cups for coffee and sweets...
The first part of the presentation, of course, is the introduction of the «Dynamic Space» concept, speaking in simple words – «rational usage of kitchen space», or «how to design a kitchen in which everything is always at hand». Personally, we listened to Lydia Rybchenko not for the first time, but we noted that listening to any information for many times gives several stages of perception. In particular:
    - when you listen for the first time, you struggle to remember the basic kitchen areas: «Supplies», «Storage», «Washing», «Preparation» and «Cooking»;
    - the next time you notice how comfortable everything is;
    - further you are interested in technical details: where to place the dishwasher, the hob, which multiplicity of drawers to use and what should be the optimum height of countertops;
    - as for the later times... the information itself is not so important, but you pay much attention to how it is applied, the order of exposition, the nuances which are marked, what is used for illustrative purposes. We are very interested in all these things, because in the work with our clients we continually introduce the concept of «Dynamic Space», and therefore always strive to raise the level of our presentations.

    The main thesis that we have remembered is: "The kitchen cannot be measured (evaluated) in linear meters, but only according to the basic configuration." Actually, it is very important for us as a manufacturer of individual furniture, because the issue of price is discussed continuously and it is difficult to respond immediately and name the cost (at least approximate) for this or that kitchen. That is because of great number of options – from the most simple to ultra-modern kitchens of hyperfunctional premium class.

    Of course, it is difficult to overestimate the pleasant impressions from the trip. I wish I could tell you even more about the testing of «EGE EXPLORER» costume. Also about an exhibition kitchen, each cabinet of which is equipped with wheels, helping to arrange the lockers in the desired order and to imagine how comfortable the future kitchen will be... About the device for measuring the height of the elbow, which makes it possible to measure exactly the optimal height of countertops for your kitchen. But there is no need to tell about the delicious pizza – it was necessary to try it )))

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